Thermal imaging technology
Ready to serve you the darkest hour

Who we are

ASTROHN Technology is a young and fast growing company running business in research and development of new products and services based on thermal imaging technologies and integrated solutions to provide security, surveilance and detecting service for personal, business, law enforcment and military sector. The qualified and skillful company’s staff, high performance facilities enable to fully perform several of production and develpoment process cycles and produce complex technology process and equipment 

Application for thermal imaging

FOR SECURITY Security cameras, PTZ cameras, Surveilance system

DEFENCE Integration to defence systems, MIL standards, Weapon sight systems

INDUSTRY Integration in production and quality control system, Industry safety application, Thermal monitoring

FOR YOUR LEISURE Hunting accesories, Outdoor and hunting devices

FOR YOUR PROJECTS Thermal imaging technology integration in various projects, cooperation, design, production

UAV's UAV's, drones, unmaned surveilance and monitoring systems